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Are you interested in learning how to control the technology that run our daily lives? Even if you have been intimidated by the use of digital technology, computers, or what not; JONDI provides simple, fun, and educational classes in blockchain technology ~crypto currency, and web coding and web design for adults and kids.


Available Classes 2020-2021

Coding for Kids

Adult DIY Web Design Class

Intro to Crypto Currency for Anyone  14+  


Learn How To Create A Landing Page For Your Business or Organization

Adult DIY Web Design Class

Entrepreneurs have a few things to consider when launching a business, the first is targeting their right audience, and being noticed, and the other is 

budgeting, and cutting cost when necessary. So in order to present a solution, and inspire those desires in balance, JONDI now offers Classes in Web Design. You can take time and invest in yourself and your business, by learning how to use top website hosting platforms like Shopify, Wix, and Wordpress to create a top notch landing page  for your business or organization. 

Adult DIY 
Web Design

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Most classes are 1-hr

Specialized classes are  is 1-2 weeks days depending on the lesson.

All Days are prescheduled.

Full payment due up front. 


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Typing at Desk

Most Requested Class

JONDI has been into technology since the age of 12, watching it evolve from paper to tablet. While helping clients in the past move into the world of online ordering, online shopping, and online services, JONDI noticed how the economy and the merchant  software systems used were also evolving. Now we are at the point where a new asset class has fully emerged. The masses have not adopted this yet. Which is why JONDI has researched and invested ahead of time, learning how this is relevant and how it will be used in our future society, both online and offline. Cryptocurrency is the new asset class, Digital Assets help and stored on the blockchain technology. Register for this class in order to sharpen your understanding of what is now.

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KIDS Web Coding Classes

Kids can learn how to create games, mobile apps, animated stories,

and art by learning and understanding the web language JAVA Script in the form of block coding.

Keyboard and Mouse